abc kitchen

Birthday Brunch at ABC Kitchen

ABC kitchen
Brunch at ABC Kitchen in NYC

The husband decided to treat me to a fantastic Jean Georges birthday lunch here and it was well worth it. If you haven’t been to ABC Kitchen before, you could easily miss the entrance, as it comes across as pretty unassuming from outside. Once you step inside, you’re transported to a beautiful, vintag-y space – the décor is part rustic, part uber chic with lanterns, wooden tables and eclectic chinaware which we loved. Perfect for a date night or a girls night out.

The experience was pretty much seamless, like a well-orchestrated dance – we were greeted by the host + hostess warmly, checked in our coats and waited for 5 minutes soaking in the ambiance and then were escorted to our table.

The Food:
Since this was a casual Sunday afternoon lunch/brunch meal, we opted for a few small plates and decided to share. Now when these guys promise a farm-to-table experience with the freshest ingredients they mean it. Mostly everything we tried (except the pizza) was bursting with flavors and the presentation was lovely.

* Crab Toast with Lemon Aioli: topped with luscious crab meat and zesty aioli, it looked unassuming, till we took a bite. The flavors are quite rich and you must love crab to like this one. #sogood

Crab toast at ABC kitchen in NYC
Crab toast = #musthave

* Roasted Carrot Salad: Never been a huge fan of roasted carrot or given carrot as a vegetable much thought! But this salad will make me explore options when it comes to this underwhelming vegetable. We really enjoyed the salad, especially the pairing of crunchy seeds with the slightly charred carrot and the citrusy avocado. Perfect.

roasted carrot salad at abc kitchen
Roasted carrots salad – so delicious

* Spinach Goat cheese herbs pizza: I’ve had better, this one wasn’t crispy enough and would have liked to see more of the goat cheese. The cheese to spinach ratio didn’t work for me, nor did the addition of kale to the mix. Unimpressive.

* Almond cake with vanilla ice cream, cranberry-orange compote: If you like simplicity, you’ll like this desert – the flavors are subtle and the ice-cream is a nice creamy companion to the sponge cake.

* Thyme lemonade – There was a green drink on the menu that I wanted to try (with Kale, spinach etc), but they ran out of it. So we got the thyme lemonade instead – it was super refreshing, but don’t expect a jumbo glass of lemonade like your  friendly neighborhood café! While they are not exactly stingy, it’s not a lot to keep you going through out the meal.

abc kitchen
Almond cake with ice cream + birthday treats courtesy ABC.

The service  was top notch. With pretty much back-to-back reservations it must be tough to give everyone a consistently relaxed experience but they’ve found the right balance.

TIP: Must book at least 3 weeks in advance to get your preferred time slot or you’ll be stuck with odd hours like 3 pm or 10 pm.

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