Backstage News: Pür Minerals Creates the Look at SNOW Magazine’s Fashion Show

SOS Sportswear
SOS Sportswear on the runway

At, Snow Magazine’s winter runway show last week, Pur Minerals did the make up for the models. The look was very clean, simple and natural. It’s great for brunch or a day out with friends. Sometimes you see some inspiration on the runway and you gotta have it.

Here’s how:

Pur Minerals
Pur Minerals

Step 1: Apply 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Powder to a clean face. ($40)

Pur Minerals

Step 2: Apply Disappearing Act 4-in-1 Concealer to the eye lids going from lash line to brow bone. ($22)
Pür Minerals Makeup Artist Tip: this primes the eye helping eye shadow stay in place and creates a natural look.

Pur Minerals

Step 3: Apply a thin layer of Hello Bright Eyes Pencil to the corners of the eye. ($17)
Pür Minerals Makeup Artist Tip: This will help the eyes appear open, bigger and brighter giving a wide awake look.

Pür Minerals Makeup

Step 4: Apply a thick layer of Pur Intensity Gel Eye Liner to create a dramatic cat eye.  ($17)

Pur Minerals

Step 5: Apply your favorite color shadow to the top of the eye lid.  Apply another thin layer on the bottom of the eye. Try Pür’s Perfect Fit Eye Shadow Treo in Free Spirit.  ($26)

Pur Minerals

Step 6: Apply a light coat of Big Blink Mascara to the top lashes only.  Concentrate on the outer corners to create a “fanned out” look.  ($20)

Pür Minerals

Step  7: Apply a bit of Mineral Glow Pressed Mineral Powder to create a bronzed glow that adds a little warmth and color.  ($23.50)

Pur minerals

Step 8: For a natural lip, Pout Plumping Lip Gloss in Crystal Pink was applied to the lips.  ($16)

Pur Minerals

What do you think? Is this a look you Gotta Love Must Have?  Check out Pur Minerals here on their website.


2 thoughts on “Backstage News: Pür Minerals Creates the Look at SNOW Magazine’s Fashion Show

  1. All great products, but the 4 in 1 make up is only $27 (not “$40) & Pur’s Cease Crease eye shadow primer works even better Disappearing Act (which is a fantastic concealer) for keeping everything in place & true to color on the lids. Yes, I’m one of Pur’s freelance make up artists & just love this line!

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